EMECS Conference

(November 10-13, 1993 in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.)

photo Following the success of EMECS '90, the mantle was taken up by the State of Maryland in the United States. The second EMECS conference, EMECS '93, was held in the city of Baltimore on the shores of Chesapeake Bay, one of the foremost enclosed coastal seas in the U.S. The theme of the conference was "Toward Effective Governance" -- employing science, policy and management to preserve the environment in coastal areas. The conference was attended by 2,300 people from 46 countries and regions. The 367 presentations held in 11 sessions focused on such topics as governance and policy, science in coastal areas, and policy and the participation of citizens and private organizations, and a variety of views were expressed on each topic. The achievements of the conference were summarized in the Declaration of Principles adopted at the end of the conference. Among other things, the Declaration welcomed the proposal to establish an international organization in Kobe, Japan to serve as the center for research and the exchange of information.

Declaration of Principles

We affirm that EMECS is dedicated to the following principles: - facilitating the international exchange of scientific information, including advances in research and modeling on coastal phenomena;

  • fostering understanding among policy makers and researchers of the motivations and interests of citizens which are essential to the implementation of sound policy;
  • improving communication and cooperation across the increasingly important science-policy interface;
  • building upon common commitments to protect coastal seas because of their importance as places of physical beauty and cultural and historic meaning;
  • providing a venue for exchange of technology useful to solving problems of coastal seas; and
  • pursuing new approaches to governance informed by our concern for ecosystems that cross the jurisdictional boundaries that mankind has imposed.

Welcome Greeting of Hyogo Govenor    Declaration of EMECS'93

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