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JICA Training Course “The Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas”

JICA Training Course

As one of activities for public awareness raising and human resource development, the International EMECS Center, commissioned by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), has organized a training course to contribute to the development of human resources that will promote the advancement of the environmental conservation of coastal seas in developing countries as follows;
FY1990 – FY1999 The Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas
FY2000– FY2009 The System of Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas
FY2009 – FY2012 The Integrated Water Management of Coastal Seas / Bays and Catchment Areas

Background and Objectives of Training course

The course targets mid-career administrative officers and engineers who are engaged in the environmental management of enclosed coastal seas, coastal zones and their catchment areas.
The course aims to develop human resources who will take leadership in the future through learning environmental restoration, environmental management strategy, control methods and waste water treatment applied to enclosed coastal seas such as the Seto Inland Sea in Japan which had suffered serious environmental pollution in the1960’s and 1970’s during the rapid economic growth in Japan, and contribute to the conservation of water environment in developing countries.

Contents and Methods of Training course

During the course, the participants are given lectures on environmental management, environmental policy, water pollution, wastewater and waste management, conservation and restoration of tidal flats, Satoumi creation etc. applied to enclosed coastal seas and their catchment areas, and practices such as analysis technique, sampling method etc., mainly by university professors and administrative officers.
The participants are also given opportunities of on-site visits to environment-related places such as research facilities, wastewater and waste treatment facilities, and environmental education etc. with the cooperation of local governments, research institutes, universities and private enterprises.

History of Participation

FY Number of Participants Names of countries
2012 11
2 form Egypt
2 from Iran
rest from 5 other countries
Egypt, Iran, Cuba, China, Georgia, Turkey, Marshall Islands
2011 10
5 from Egypt
2 from Georgia
rest from 3 other countries
Egypt, Georgia, China, Iran, Turkey
2010 7
2 from Egypt
3 from Iran
rest from 2 other countries
Egypt, Iran, Philippins, Turkey
2009 7
5 from Cote d’Ivoire
2 from Mexico
Cote d’Ivoire, Mexico
2008 4
2 from Cote d’Ivoire
2 from Venezuela
Cote d’Ivoire, Venezuela
2007 8
3 from Cote d’Ivoire
4 from Indonesia
1 from Venezuela
Cote d’Ivoire, Indonesia, Venezuela
2006 6
2 from Indonesia
rest from 4 other countries
China, Cote d’Ivoire, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand
2005 8
from 8 countries
Brazil, Chile, Cote d’Ivoire, Indonesia, Kiribati, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia
2004 7
from 7 countries
Brazil, China, Cote d’Ivoire, Indonesia, Pakistan,
Saudi Arabia, Thailand
2003 6
from 6 countries
Azarbaijan, Bahrain, Chile, China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia
2002 8
from 8 countries
Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand
2001 7
from 7 countries
Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Marshall Islands, El Salvador, Brazil
2000 6
from 6 countries
China, Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia
1999 6
from 6 countries
Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Sri Lanka
1998 6
from 6 countries
Chile, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey
1997 7
from 7 countries
Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait
1996 8
from 8 countries
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Chile, Iran, Kuwait
1995 7
2 from Philippines
rest from 5 other countries
Chile, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia
1994 6
from 6 countries
Korea, Poland, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia
1993 5
from 5 countries
Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand
1992 9
from 9 countries
China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Brazil, Columbia, Madagascar, Senegal
1991 7
from 7 countries
China, Korea, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Columbia
1990 8
from 8 countries
China, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico

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