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List of overseas treatises on “oligotrophication” around the Baltic Sea”

In response to a request from the Hyogo Prefectural Environmental Management Bureau, we extracted the latest” Oligotrophication “related treatises and provided information on the 10 treatises around the Baltic Sea area.
[Survey period] August-October, 2020

No, Year Title Authors Journal Vol,Issue,PP
1 2009 Coastal eutrophication reserch: a new awareness  Carlos M. Duarte Hydrobiologia 629,263–269
2 2014 Nitrogen Inputs from Agriculture: Towards Better Assessments
of Eutrophication Status in Marine Waters
Jesper H. Andersen, Henrik Fossing, Jens W. Hansen, Ole H. Manscher,Ciara´n Murray, Ditte L. J. Petersen Ambio  43,906-913
3 2016 Recovery of Danish Coastal Ecosystems After Reductions in Nutrient Loading: A Holistic Ecosystem Approach Riemann, Bo; Carstensen, Jacob; Dahl, Karsten; Fossing, Henrik; et al. Estuaries and Coasts 39, 82–97
4 2017 Long-term temporal and spatial trends in eutrophication status of the Baltic Sea Jesper H. Andersen Jacob Carstensen  Daniel J. Conley  Karsten Dromph  Vivi Fleming‐Lehtinen  Bo G. Gustafsson  Alf B. Josefson  Alf Norkko Anna Villnäs  Ciarán Murray Biological. Review 92,135–149
5 2018 The Baltic Sea as a time machine for the future coastal ocean T. Reusch, J. Dierking, H. Andersson et al. Science Advances 4(5),eaar8195
6 2019 Reevaluating the Role of Organic Matter Sources for Coastal Eutrophication, O;igotrophiction, and Ecosystem Health Anne Deininger and Helene Rrigstad  Frontiers in Marine Science 6(210),1-11
7 2019 Past,Present and Future Eutrophication Status of the Baltic Sea  Ciarán J. Murray, Bärbel Müller-Karulis, Jacob Carstensen, Daniel J. Conley,Bo G. Gustafsson and Jesper H. Andersen Frontiers in Marine Science 6(2),1-12
8 2020 The meagre future of benthic fauna in a coastal sea—Benthic responses to recovery from eutrophication in a changing climate Eva Ehrnsten, Alf Norkko, Bärbel Müller-Karulis, Erik Gustafsson, Bo G. Gustafsson Global Change Biology 26, 2235-2250
9 2020 Factors regulating the coastal nutrient filter in the Baltic Sea J. Carstensen , D. J. Conley, E. Almroth-Rosell et al. Ambio  49(6),1194-1210
10 2020 Nutrient export from Finnish rivers into the Baltic Sea has not decreased despite water protection measures Antti Ra¨ike , Antti Taskinen, Seppo Knuuttila Ambio  49(2),460-474