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About this website

International EMECS Center website (hereinafter “EMECS site”) is managed by International EMECS Center (hereinafter “EMECS”).

Limitation of Warranty and Liability

The use of this site shall be conducted at the responsibility of the user. EMECS makes no guarantee of any damages resulting from the use of any type of information acquired from this site or from other websites to which this site provides links.


The copyrights of this website belong to EMECS. The use of information on this website (copy, distribution etc.) is prohibited without prior written permission of EMECS.

Thank you for visiting EMECS site. Please read the instructions listed below for inquiries about links to this site. Upon acting in accordance with the instructions, it shall be possible to freely establish links to this site regardless of whether the said links are commercial or non-commercial in nature. (Contacting EMECS after establishing links is not required.)

Link Establishment Methods

  • -Links may only be established leading to the top page of this site.
  • -In the case of text link, it shall be written in HTML file as follows.
    <a href=””>International EMECS Center</a>
  • -In the case of using banner, it shall be written in HTML file as follows.
    <a href=""><img src="" width="120px" height="40px" border="0" alt="International EMECS Center"></a>
    International EMECS Center
  • -The copyrights for the contents on this website (writing, pictures etc.) all belong to EMECS. Reproduction or republication is prohibited without prior written permission of EMECS.

If your website is or may fall into one of the following categories, we firmly refuse any links to our website.

  • Websites that intend to damage the reputation or trust of EMECS or others.
  • Websites that offend public orders and morals.
  • Websites that we deem to be likely to cause misunderstanding to third parties such as links which incorporate our website into their own frames and make it unclear that the contents thereof belong to us.
  • Websites that include adult contents or other similar contents.
  • Websites that include contents to be considered illegal under the social standards in addition to the above categories.