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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

International EMECS Center (hereinafter referred to as “EMECS”) handles personal information in the possession of EMECS properly to protect the rights and interests of individuals. EMECS handles the information on the website properly on the basis of this policy.

Collection Limitation

When EMECS collects personal information,

  • Purposes for use of personal information shall be specified and limited within a necessary range for attaining its purposes.
  • Personal information shall be obtained from the person him/herself by legal and fair acts in principal.
  • Personal information regarding to ideology, belief and religion shall not be collected in principal.

Appropriate Management of Personal Information

When EMECS collects personal information,

  • leakage, destruction, damage of, and tampering with information shall be prevented.
  • the information which is not necessary to hold any longer shall be disposed or erased surely and quickly.

Restriction on utilization and providing of information for intended purposes

Personal information in the possession of EMECS shall not be used for a purpose other than its intended purpose or provided to a third party in principal.